Activities, Costs and Times at Studio Works

Pole  Dance Fitness 
Offers intense yet fun workouts through our signature Pole Fitness classes, ranging from Basic Pole Gym & Dance as well as Contemporary pole, Conditioning and flexibility.
Women of all ages and fitness levels are able to enjoy a one of a kind fitness and dance workout
that is tailored to their busy schedules.
Officially recognized as a sport in recent years, Pole Fitness is a discipline that promotes strength, flexibility and cardiovascular benefits combining dance, gymnastics and acrobatics.
Be prepared for your muscles to burn in this hour-long workout! Tone up with conditioning exercises using the pole. Great for building the strength to get that elusive pole trick.
More than just a fitness class, our corporate team building classes are just what you need to foster closer bonds between teammates, have some fun, and get a full-body workout!
Pole Purrfect has been established over eight years

Aerial Hoop
The Aerial Hoop requires a skilful balance of strength, stamina and flexibility, something which you will progressively work on during the class.
As with any aerial skill, the core muscles are essential in being able to execute moves with confidence.
Aerial Hoop is particularly exceptional in honing on upper body muscle groups, improving your range of motion and active flexibility.

Street Dance
With Amber Thompson are high energy and stylised, these urban style classes are taught by industry professionals with a wealth of performing

and choreographic experience.
Classes are designed to develop co-ordination, introduce technique and build confidence in a friendly and fun environment. Students learn street dance routines to the latest tunes incorporating movements such as:
Jamming, and
Hip hop.
Students are also encouraged to express themselves through

improvisation and free styling.

​Pregnancy Yoga​
Our Pregnancy Yoga classes are welcoming and friendly - everyone is welcome, including complete beginners and expert yoginis! Most people are brand new to yoga when they join us for pregnancy classes but quickly find they take to it really easily and feel great for coming along.
Classes help you prepare for brith and meet other mums-to-be! We always include Birth Breathing techniques to help you during labour; offer a range of physical movements and poses to help relieve common pregnancy ailments; offer practices to strengthen the body or increase flexibility; and ways to calm the mind; plus a fantastic guided relaxation with mediations at the end. It really is an all round and comprehensive approach, bringing the best in nourishing yoga together with the latest in scientific evidence.
We incorporate antenatal education in our classes and all classes are tailored to meet your needs, so every class will be a little bit different to suit you as pregnancy progresses. Classes are suitable from 15 weeks (if you are new to yoga, or you can begin earlier if you are familiar with yoga) to full term. Everyone is welcome!

Studio timetable Horsham– Studio times 8am until 10pm
(Closed classes not included )

Mondays  -            Pole fitness                                                            6.00  –  8.00 pm

Wednesdays  -   Upbeat Street  Tots (4-6 years)                  4  –  4.45 pm
Wednesdays  -   Upbeat Street  (11-13 years)                      5  -  6.30 pm
Wednesdays  -   Upbeat street  (14+ years)                            6.30  -  8 pm
Wednesdays  -   Upbeat street  (adults)                                    8  -  9.30 pm                      

Thursdays  -        Pregnancy Yoga                                                   6.30  –  7.45 pm
Thursday  -          Boys Street                                                             4.30  -   6.00pm                      

Fridays  -               Pole Fitness                                                            6.00  –  8.00 pm
Saturdays  -        Upbeat streetDance  (7 /10 years)           10  –  11.30 am

Street  -                                      £35 per month                               

Yoga  -                                         £10 drop in Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga
                                                        £45 for 5 classes with 6 week expiry
                                                        £85 for 10 classes with 12 week expiry
Pole fitness  -                          £15 per class or £50 per calender month (One on one £40/hr
                                                        up to three students £25/hr each

Belly dancing  -                      £6 per hour

For more information, call or text us on

07788 575859  /  07976 807873