Pole Dancing is a fantastic way to keep fit and really does make you feel empowered.
It is also a good for escaping the pressures of everyday life, so if you are looking for something different from your usual exercise routine, then give Pole Dancing a try.
Everyone is made to feel comfortable, confident and at ease.
Pole Dancing is the combination of dance, aerobic and strength exercise, so the art of Pole Dancing is often a great deal harder than it looks and can take a lot of sheer hard work and determination to perfect the moves and routines.
It is not only great cardio vascular exercise but is also good for muscle building, body toning, posture and flexibility and as the moves become more advanced, the body will be put in more demanding positions, some of which can mean supporting your weight on one arm or leg.
Your increased self awareness will give you more confidence.
No experience is needed and we cater for women of all ages, levels & sizes.
So give it a go
So maybe it's about time you got back in touch with your sensuality
The benefits of regular Pole Dancing include:
Improved body tone/flexibility
Improves Core fitness and strength
Improves Endurance and Stamina
Adds to Self Confidence
Creates Better posture
Improved self esteem
Fantastic ice breaker
Burn up to 250 calories per hour
Eating a healthy balanced diet is often the Holy Grail of exercise.
By keeping a food diary we are able to analyse a clients eating habits and offer advice and support where necessary.
Body weight is not an issue, but fitness is and many women who are of a smaller frame often find it difficult to lift their body weight, whereas some of the more voluptuous ladies find it a walk in the park, so don't let your body shape or size deter you.
Nutrition has a greater effect on how you think, feel and how you perform than you might think.
It follows the same rule as exercise in so much as there is no "one" solution for everyone. Finding the balance of food types and quantities to keep you energized to allow you to control your weight. If you need "petrol" there's no point in using "diesel" and wondering why your body doesn't work.
Also what you don't put in your body is becoming as important as what you put in.
At Pole Purrfect, our trainers can help to put your body back on track for a healthy you.