Pole Choreography

Tuesday Night classes are where you will learn a choreographed pole routine!
No previous dance experience necessary, we will combine pole tricks and moves with choreographed dance steps and work on pole flow.
Feel free to bring your heels and bring the juice!
Lucie has been pole training for approx 3 years now, and there is no doubt that she has loved every step of her journey - including all the bruises! (although we call them Pole kisses in the Pole world!). Having trained professionally as a dancer at The Urdang Academy in London, Lucie loves how Juicy Pole Fitness has given her the opportunity to combine her love of dancing with a strength and fitness component. 
Lucie describes her style as a fusion of commercial, contemporary and exotic dance, combined with pole fitness moves plus floor and pole work.
Lucie created Juicy Pole Fitness in order to give others a fun opportunity to combine Pole Fitness with Dance, and to help others build their confidence and strength in the same way Juicy Pole Fitness has helped her. The aim of Juicy Pole Fitness is to uplift and empower women and to build a strong, supportive community.

Juicy Pole Fitness is a unique blend of Pole Fitness, Pole Dance and Exotic Dance. 
It is a fantastic, fun cardiovascular workout that will result in increased stamina, weight loss, improved core strength and better muscle definition. 
We offer 2 types of class: Pole Choreography which is a unique opportunity to learn a choreographed Pole Dance and focus on flow, and Pole Conditioning which is a Pole Fitness class specifically designed to improve your fitness and pole work. ​​
Juicy Pole Fitness classes are suitable for all abilities and are perfect for those who have an interest in dance or those who are just looking for a new fun way to keep fit, feel great and express themselves. Juicy Pole Fitness welcomes those who have previous pole experience and are looking to incorporate dance and flow into their training.

Lucy also offers 1 to 1 tuition

Call or text Lucy on 07808 556099 to book a space