Pole Fitness Classes in
Chichester, West Sussex

£30 worth of free lessons every six weeks at Chichester, when you sign up with Pole Purrfect

Chichester has always been our flagship venue. 
A great heated studio with incredible light, this venue boasts a bar and food facilities should you wish to relax after your gruelling pole workout.
Situated just adjacent to the North Street car park, this studio is with out a doubt a great place to let off steam. 
The Chichester Racquet and fitness club
Oaklands Park (use North Street car park )
West Sussex. PO19 6AR
01243 785644

1 hour workshops at Chichester are on Tuesdays, between 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm
One to One workshops available on Saturdays between 10 am and 2pm

Call or text on 07788 575859



Note: Please enquire about additional One to One workshops

Cost of lessons and workshop courses

Should you wish to take one of the following smaller and more personal workshops below, you will each have your own dedicated pole while under instruction.

Option 1. General class, £15 per hour  or £50 per calender month
Option 2.   For up to 3 people only £25.00 / hour each

Option 3.   One on One tuition £40.00 / hour

Option 4.  Home visit £30.00 / hour 
All applicants must confirm with Pole Purrfect prior
to attending the classes )
Call or Text on 07788 575859
And start your own workshop with a group of friends.
( A min of 5 girls will secure you your own workshop session )