Pole Fitness Classes in
Horsham, West Sussex

£30 worth of free lessons a month
​when you sign up with Pole Purrfect

"Pole Purrfect is a female only dance and fitness organisation" and is dedicated to fitness and body conditioning through the embodiment of female
power and sensuality

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Important - Please read this web site thoroughly, Especially the "Disclaimer" section, as it contains all the do's and dont's relative to anyone who books a workshop or a party through Pole Purrfect. 
Pole Purrfect is an established pole dance fitness school that has now been teaching pole fitness and dancing for over seven years, with a workshop at Chichester and Horsham comprising of 70 plus girls.
General/Walk-in class, £15 per hour  or £50 per calender month 
Pole dancing with Pole Purrfect is definitely the most established and the most fun
way to keep or get fit.

If you become a regular client, we offer two FREE hours per month to catch
up on your pole technique
There are many preconceptions about what is involved in a pole fitness class, but Pole Purrfect teaches you in a non intimidating manner and with no connections
to "erotic" pole dancing.
The pole dancing workout can burn as many calories as a gym workout and will tone and define your muscles, make you stronger, fitter, more flexible and agile, but allowing you to have fun whilst you do so.
Eating a healthy balanced diet is often the Holy Grail of exercise and even though body weight is not an issue, fitness is, so many women who are of a smaller frame often find it difficult to lift their body weight, whereas some of the more voluptuous ladies find it a walk in the park, so don't let your body shape or size deter you.
The class involves dancing and gymnastics, with the added bonus of sensuality, so as to combine the art of pole dancing with the physically demanding discipline of of pole fitness. 
Pole Purrfect has friendly team of instructors to ensure a safe, effective and fun workout.
We will provide you with a total body workout, regardless of your age, size or fitness level and increase your flexibility, help you lose weight, build your core strength, stamina and fitness, but most of all, boost your confidence.

No matter whether you're a beginner or have been to pole classes before, or if your 16 or 60, and looking for a fun way to get fit with friends or if you are a current pole dancer at an advanced level and wanting to learn more tricks, we have a class for you.

We can only promise you the "BEST TIME EVER"  so come along and have a go.
If you feel like keeping fit a different way, "and want to be part of something "Purrfect" 

Call or Text Tamara on 07788 575859  

Pole Purrfect is managed and run by a team of fully trained dancers and fitness instructors.
Our aim is ultimately to "get" and "keep" you fit, by utilising the latest craze of pole dancing fitness. 
Each course consists of five levels, once these are completed, then its on to advanced level.
And all lessons are girl only and held behind closed doors, making the venue a private and personal experience.
We take the "work" out of working out and replace it with fun !
We Inspire and Motivate for the Every Day Woman, so classes are fun, melt away fat and tone all muscles.
"Come on girls. develop a hotter body and mind, whatever sizes or shape and age" ! 
Statement: I've had some girls attending my classes now for over six years and they still get a
buzz when they show up.
Its mostly about the fun of pole fitness but also about the friendship within the groups and I know that some very close relationships have blossomed from my classes between some of the girls.....its become a way of life for many of them and I get an enormous amount of satisfaction when I see how much they all enjoy the workshops.......Tara 
Tamara is coach and mentor to various students who are looking to compete at the:
National Pole Dancing Championships and World Pole Dancing Championships

Workshop levels - One hour per session
Before I go into the various stages of pole, I can only promise you one thing for sure
                                     "IT HURTS" but hey, no pain, no gain.
Level One - Complete beginner
This introduces you to the basics of pole dancing, including dance moves, transitions,
floor work and basic spins.
The aim of level One, is to build your confidence on and around the pole.
At the end of this lesson, you can either choose to move onto level two, or come back and refresh your level one skills until you feel confident to move up.
Level One usually takes six weeks to attain.
Level Two - Beginner
This teaches you more demanding spins, transitions, dance moves and floor work and it's this level that you really start to get into working the pole and feel a little more confident about trying the new and more demanding moves.
Plenty of recap work is undertaken, as well as some freestyle pole play time.
At the end of level Two you would have mastered a longer and more difficult routine than in level One and as level One, this takes about six weeks to master.
Level Three - Intermediate
Once you reach level Three, you will be stronger and fitter, so you will be learning more challenging climbs, static holds, spins and inverts.
At this level, each move takes longer to achieve, so expect the classes to move a little slower.
Note: In order to qualify for a level three class, you would have had to have had some pole dancing experience and be able to do basic spins, floor work and pole stands.
Level Four - Intermediate
Level Four classes generally incorporate more advanced moves learnt in the previous levels but they will require greater strength, so eating well and maintaining fitness is essential.
Level Five - Pre advanced
Once you reach level five, you would have achieved a high level of pole dancing ability and fitness and the previously undertaken classes will come together as a more polished routine, encompassing everything you have been taught, but also using your new found skills as a more fluid and sensual experience, at the same time, encompassing your own choreographed routine.
Advanced Classes
These classes are purely for the student who wishes to attain advanced pole dancing status. 
The object will obviously involve increased fitness levels and the adaption and modification of all moves learned in levels one to five.
The advanced classes will also include instruction on pole sensuality and encorporate dance, associated with the art of pole dancing as part of the routine.
One to One ( Recomended )
Your goal driven program will reflect personal preferences to training, whether that be to tone,strengthen, improve balance, agility or to lose weight etc. and will accelerate your experience on the pole.   
Pole dance workshop Venues and Purrfect dance fitness workshops are held at

Studio Works, Horsham 
Mondays 6 to 7 and 7 to 8pm

Thursdays 8 to 9 pm

Fridays 6 to 7 and 7 to 8 pm 

The Chichester Racquet and fitness club
Oaklands Park
West Sussex
PO19 6AR

Tuesday's 6.00 pm untill 8 pm
One to One workshops held on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm

Note: If a group of more than four girls would like to start a new workshop at
times other than stated above
then please call Tamara to organise this, either at Horsham or Chichester.   
Pole fitness classes can also be held at a location of your
choice, subject to the suitability of the venue
Note: Girls under eighteen will only be admitted ( Minimum age sixteen ) if parental agreement is given via a Pole Purrfect disclaimer, Tamara also likes to meet the Guardian/Parent to discuss their daughters circumstances.

Cost of Pole Dance lessons and workshop courses

Should you wish to take one of the following smaller and more personal workshops below, you will each have your own dedicated pole while under instruction.

General/Walk-in class, £15 per hour  or £50 per calender month
For up to 3 people only £25.00 / hour each

One on One tuition £40.00 / hour

Home visit £30.00 / hour 
All applicants must confirm with Pole Purrfect prior
to attending the classes 
Call or Text on 07788 575859
And start your own workshop with a group of friends.
( A min of 5 girls will secure you your own workshop session ) 
What to wear and bring

Pole Purrfect can supply shorts and T Shirts at the lessons, but a weeks notice must be given.

Cycling shorts are highly recommended, but if you have an issue with wearing shorts then 3/4 lengths
will do, but grip will be compromised

T-Shirt, vest top or crop top

Trainers, barefeet or heals will do, especially if you want to spice up
your dance

Hand towel

What not to do prior to a lesson
Eat no later than two hours prior to your class

No jewelry

And don't forget to bring your attitude...
And strictly no moisturisng creams of any sort