Tamara, your principal
Tamara has been in the dancing, fitness and entertainment business now for over twenty years.
She has been a professional dancer / Choreographer and has appeared in pop videos
and TV and also has experience of
promotional modelling and acting.
She also led the 3 piece female band "BEAUTY" that was signed to Universal music
Tamara has been asked to back several popular singers and has created and been
involved in the evolution of several "well known" and "DIVERSE" dance troupes.
Should anyone require something a little extra, to enhance their pole skills, Tamara 
would be glad to undertake this on a "one to one" basis at the rates indicated.
Pole dancing as with other types of dancing Tamara has been involved
with, be it Tap, Ballet, Street or Rock, is a wonderful and sensual art, that like any dance
form needs to be honed and practiced in order to make it special.
To this end, Tamara has choreographed several fixed routines, that would make
a wonderful and unique gift, your partner will never forget.
For those of you who wish to enter the professional pole dancing industry, then
tuition from Tamara will give you that edge you need to succeed in
that chosen profession.
Tamara is coach and mentor to several students who are looking to compete at
the National Pole Dancing Championships and World Pole Dancing Championships
Call or Text Tamara on 07788 575859
"And be part of something "Purrfect"